Kawaii Bucket Hat

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What's old is new, and with this bucket hat you're sure to look hip to the groove-jive, yo! Wait, was that cool to say? No matter.

To be on trend and to stay on trend is hard, but look no further because we know that you'll make outfits look cool and effortless with the addition of this bucket hat. 

Labelled with the word "Kawaii" in Hiragana Japanese, only those who are the coolest will know what it means to be Kawaii Kool. 

As always, HALF of ALL profits go to the Red Panda Network to help save our precious Red Panda adorable comrades. That way you can wear KAP with pride, knowing you look awesome, but better yet, you are awesome. Thanks for supporting our furry friends!

• One size fits most
• Washable
• Professional Embroidery Design