Suikawari Summertime Limited Shirt - KAP x Natsu

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The second of our three Summer themed KAP x Natsu designs is here! Collect the whole set this season!

Now that Summer is in full swing, it's time to swing a bat at some watermelon. A traditional Japanese Summertime Beach game is suikawari, or watermelon splitting, where the contestants are blindfolded, spun around and attempt to break open a watermelon.

This design takes inspiration from another Hokusai work called the Bay of Nobuto one of the 36 Views of Mount Fuji. Keep your eyes out for Kap's friends making their way to the beach by boat. The katakana reads, "Suika" which means watermelon. This design will be around for just a limited time, get your today.

Available until: July 31, 2019